Ruff | Wolf & Wolverine

Ruff | Wolf & Wolverine

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Fur ruffs are a long established custom of the people of the North country, used to protect your face from the wind, cold, blowing snow and intense sunlight reflected off of the snow. Grey Wolf with Wolverine trim is a classic and timeless choice, it is traditionally used across the north by many winter travelers. With long beautiful guard hairs this fur excels at protecting you from the elements and will look good on any parka.

Black wolf is intermittently available for ruffs. If you are interested in purchasing a black wolf ruff, please use the contact form to inquire about its availability.

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Fur ruffs can be sewn directly to your hood, or attached using a zipper for easy removal for storage or use on a different parka.

Ruffs come in two standard sizes: 30 inches long by 4 inches wide and 26 inches long by 4 inches wide. Please note that ruffs are measured from the back side and fur length is usually about 5-8 inches wide, depending on the type of fur used. Fur ruffs can also be made to custom lengths and widths as desired. Please use the contact form for a quote on custom ruffs. 

All ruffs come constructed with a fabric backing. Zippers can be added to your ruff by adding a zipper to your cart. If you have a zipper on your hood and you would like to continue using it, we can often match zippers. Please specify in the notes section with the brand and length of zipper.