Gecas Family

About Boundary Fur Sewing

Boundary Fur Sewing is a small Alaskan business owned & operated by Amanda Gecas, who grew up dog mushing on the Yukon River in Interior Alaska. She currently lives just north of Fairbanks, Alaska. While far from her remote home along the Yukon River she still maintains the "Bush Alaska" life style. She has no plumbing, running water, heats only with wood heat, and is only recently connected to the electrical grid.

Many of the furs we use are obtained locally, by rural subsistence trappers in the Alaskan bush.
All fur products are hand sewn custom designs created by years of experience working and traveling in some of the worlds coldest areas.

In a land where extreme cold is a matter of life or death, Boundary Fur Sewing specializes in custom high quality fur products for staying warm in the most extreme conditions. My fur products are durable! They are built to be used. I build products with function first. Fur and leather have a beauty all of their own, and I work that into my products, but it’s more important to me and most of my customers, that the gear we depend on will not let us down. If you need gear you can trust, I wont let you down.

All cold weather enthusiasts, from bush pilots & dog mushers to mountain climbers & polar explorers, can enjoy the benefits of handmade fur products. Proven across Alaska, including the summit of Denali in January, Canada's Yukon Territory, the magnetic North Pole, Antarctica, and on the 1,000 mile long Yukon Quest and Iditarod Sled Dog Races, our custom fur products include fur hats, mitts, & parka ruffs, as well as fur baby booties and hats. Some specialty items and projects are available upon request. If you have your own fur pelts you would like made into a high quality item please let us know, as we would be happy to work with your furs to make a unique and special item for you.