Shipping + Returns

We are a small business and though we try to keep all our items on hand, sometimes we simply fall behind. Thank you for your patience as we craft your item(s) from scratch if the item you happen to order is out of stock. Similarly, operating in Alaska has it draws and set-backs—One of the cons is shipping ‘outside’. Please note that in-stock items can often take roughly 2-weeks to arrive. Peak season orders (October - March) can take several weeks to complete.

There is no extra charge for shipping within the United States.

No International Shipping.

Please feel free to contact us about shipping on particular items @

Your satisfaction is important to us, in the event that you're unhappy with your order please contact us and we can work out an exchange or return.

Thank you for your business!

Amanda Gecas
Owner + Furrier
Boundary Fur Sewing