Boundary Fur x Empire Wool & Canvas Co. Mitt | Beaver + Synthetic Insulation

Boundary Fur x Empire Wool & Canvas Co. Mitt | Beaver + Synthetic Insulation


We’re happy to announce our newest mitten—A collaboration with Empire Wool and Canvas Company & Boundary Fur Sewing! We've taken our traditional beaver fur shell and mitten harness and lined them with Empire Wool’s high tech material to offer the most durable & warm mitt on the market!

These liners have an extra thick layer of fleece in the palm and thumb for durability, and the rest of the liner is high loft polyester filament protected by ripstop nylon. The result is incredible comfort and protection, giving your hand the warmth of a luxurious sleeping bag. 

These mittens are large, and can be used with or without an additional liner glove. When it gets really cold, Alaskan’s wear a thin glove inside our mittens, so that our hands have some protection from the weather, while allowing the dexterity to operate snaps and zippers.

Like our other large expedition mitts, we have placed the harness attachment loops near the base of the thumb. This keeps your harness lines on the inside of your arms, where they are less likely to snag a low branch or restrict your movement. This placement also keeps the mittens hanging sideways and closed when not in use, and makes them less likely to fill with wind blown snow. 

Like all of our other mittens, the fur flow on the beaver shell runs up your arm. This takes advantage of the furs natural ability to shed wind and snow. The palms are made from a durable and flexible leather to give protection against the elements without sacrificing your ability to grip things such as the handlebar of your dog sled, snowmobile or ski poles. 

The mitten opening is wide enough to go over a puffy parka sleeve and long enough to go up your forearm to prevent unwanted drafts and loose snow from getting in. The wide design of the mitt allows for a comfortable fit without being restrictive, or overly loose and baggy. 

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Approximate Sizing:
Overall Length: 16.5”
Opening Circumference: ~18”
Outside Width: 7” inches (base of the thumb)
Mitts are only available in our XXL size, which comfortably fits most adults when dressed for extreme conditions.

Please note:
❖ Measurements are taken on the outside of the mittens and to ensure a comfortable & proper fit, always go up a size, if in doubt.

All mittens sizes allow space for additional liner gloves, to help keep hands warm in extreme cold and when beaver overmittens are removed for tasks that require fingers.

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