Mitt Attachment | Harness

Mitt Attachment | Harness


Our mitten harness is a product of experience developed & designed over years ofpersonal experience mushing and snow machining on thousands of miles of Alaska trail and cross-referenced by other outdoor enthusiasts who work or play out in the wilderness using their mittens.

Our design is an easy to use extremely durable system. The main line of the harness attaches to the mittens, and runs up your arms and over your shoulders. There is another strap that runs across your chest, and it's job is to simply keep the main strap from slipping off of your shoulders.

Straps have the option to come in different colors, so its fast and easy to figure out which straps go where when putting it on. If you've got a team of energetic huskies waiting on you, quick & easy is very important.

The adjustable buckle allows you to clip your mitts behind your back when not in use. This securely holds them in place and keeps them from coming loose at the most inopportune time. This is a durable buckle that's easy to work even with gloves on.

We’ve made the harness detachable using a simple slider that stays in place, this also makes the length of the harness semi adjustable.

The connection point of the harness is placed on the inside of the mitten, keeping the straps between your arms, making it less likely they might snag something like a low branch. While this system is well thought out and very safe, there is always some risk when putting ropes over your shoulders. So please be careful and use common sense. If there are a lot of low branches or things that may snag your harness, simply remove it until you are on a more open trail.

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