The Brooks Range. The Yukon River. The North Pole. Denali... in winter.
Boundary Fur Sewing's fur products have kept travelers warm in some of the coldest & most inhospitable places in the Northern Hemisphere.
The warmest gear for the coldest times, perfected by dropping mercury and those who brave the Alaskan wilderness.

Please browse the tabs above to learn more about Boundary Fur Sewing and the finest fur products available, trapped and sewn in Interior Alaska.



Fur Hats

Natural Brown Beaver Hat
with a chocolate brown leather
 Mushers style hat with fleece lining and
a wind proof leather or beaver shell. This hat is guaranteed to keep you warm and protected  even in the most extreme arctic weather conditions. The fur and leather shell provide warmth and protection from the wind and cold. This design contours to your head both comfortably and securely providing maximum protection against the elements. The ear flaps can be worn down to help protect your ears and face, or they can be tied up in milder conditions.

Fleece liners will be selected to match your hat, if you have a specific color preference please let me know.

Solid Beaver Hat
Beaver Color

Beaver and Leather 

Leather Color
Beaver Color

   ~ Sizing Chart~
Small 19-21.5 inches
Medium  22-23 inches
Large 23.5-24 inches
X-Large 24+ inches
Size measurements are based on the circumference of your head measured at eye brow level.

Natural Brown Beaver With A
Black Leather Shell. 

Dyed black beaver with a red leather shell.

Natural Brown Beaver
With A Brown Leather Shell. 
Natural Brown Solid Beaver Hat.

Natural Brown
Solid Beaver Hat.

Natural Brown Beaver With A
 Purple Leather Shell.

Beaded Hats

Sometimes I have a few beaded mushers style beaver hats available. These are a unique and ever changing item, each one is a one of a kind work of art and comes with a hand shaped caribou antler toggle. If you are interested in one of these beautiful hats please contact me for pictures of my current stock.

All Sizes $250

Examples of Beaded Hats

Baby Hat

Sheared Natural Brown Beaver
With A Brown Leather Shell. 
Trappers style sheared beaver fur and fleece lined baby hat. Guaranteed to keep that little one warm as they explore the magical wonderland that is winter.
Available in dyed black or Natural brown sheared beaver and an assortment of leather colors.
Our small size fits most babies 6-18 months in age, and our large size fits most babies 12-24 months in age.
Please note that these size ranges are our best guess and we can send you hat measurements upon request.

Leather Color
Beaver Color


Ladies Hat 

Deluxe Silver Fox 
The ladies fox hat is a warm stylish hat good for walking in down town New York, strolling through the park in Vermont, Skiing in Minnesota, or exploring Alaska.  This stylish hat features a warm band of fox that extends down to protect your ears, a stylish wind proof leather top and a warm soft fleece liner. Guaranteed to keep you warm and looking good wherever you may find your self.
Fox is available in White, Black, Blue, Shaded, Red, Cross, Shadow, and Deluxe Silver. Leather is available in black, and sometimes other colors upon request.

Please send the circumference of your head along with your order for sizing.

Head Circumference

Fur Ruffs


Fur ruffs attach to the edge of your parka hood and are traditionally used to protect your face from the wind, cold, blowing snow and intense sunlight reflected off of the snow. Fur ruffs can be sewn directly to your hood, or attached using a zipper for easy removal for storage or use on a different parka.
I make my ruffs in two standard sizes; 30 inches long by 4 inches wide and 26 inches long by 4 inches wide. Please note that ruffs are measured on the back side and with fur length are usually about 5-8 inches wide depending on the type of fur used. Fur ruffs can also be made to custom lengths and widths as desired. Please contact me for a quote on custom ruffs. 
All of my ruffs come completed with a fabric backing and a zipper can be added for $15. If you’ve already got a zipper on your hood and you would like to continue using it I can often match zippers, I just need to know the brand and length.

Grey wolf and Wolverine.
~ Grey Wolf with Wolverine trim is a classic and timeless choice, it is traditionally used across the north by many winter travelers. With long beautiful guard hairs this fur excels at protecting you from the elements and will look good on any parka.


~Grey Wolf with beaver trim, another timeless classic guaranteed to keep you warm and protected. Beaver is available in natural brown or black.


Sometimes I have black wolf available for ruffs. If you are interested in purchasing a black wolf ruff please contact me to inquire as to its availability.

~ Wolverine with Beaver trim is by far one of my most popular and most durable ruffs. It is guaranteed to keep you warm and protected while lasting for years even under heavy use. Wolverine has long strong guard hairs that the frost just brushes right off of. It is also the most durable long fur used for ruffs. If you are looking for a utilitarian and beautiful ruff look no further. 


~ Deluxe Silver Fox with wolverine trim is a beautiful, and versatile combination. The deluxe silver fox have longer guard hairs than our standard fox ruffs. Just as protective and durable as the Wolf & Wolverine combination this is a good choice for those looking for a more unique ruff.


Deluxe Silver Fox With Black Beaver Trim.
~ Deluxe Silver fox with beaver trim. The deluxe silver fox ruff with beaver trim is a beautiful and versatile ruff.  


White Finn Coon with Beaver trim.

~ White Finn Coon With Beaver or Wolverine trim. This ruff is a Step up from the Natural brown finn coon ruff. The White Finn Coon has longer thicker guard hairs than the natural brown ones. Looking and acting more like a luxurious wolf ruff this is a good choice for any winter traveler.

With Beaver Trim


With Wolverine trim



Wolverine with Beaver trim. 
~Empire Wool and Canvas Company collaboration ruff. This ruff is a little larger than my standard ruffs and is attached to a backing created and sewn by Kevin at Empire Wool and Canvas Company. All of the fur work and attaching the ruff to the base is done by me.  This ruff is outfitted with all the bells and whistles you could ever want. It has snaps to adjust the width for different weather conditions and a zipper for easy removal. Its made to zip directly to any of his parkas and comes with  the necessary zipper components to be attached to any parka and is not limited to use only on EWCC parkas. This ruff measures approximately 32" long by 5" wide. 
This ruff is available in a variety of backing colors and in any of the fur combinations I sell. Pictured here in Wolverine with beaver trim and a green backing it is also available in White/Natural, and Black.
This is a relatively new product and is only available in limited quantities of each color at the moment. So please contact me at or by texting or calling 907-388-5323

Wolverine and Beaver $450
Wolf and Wolverine $400
Wolf and Beaver $325

Please Visit Empire Wool and Canvas Company 
to see more of Kevin's amazing products and top notch winter gear. 


Top View.

Back Side

Folded and snapped in half. 

Back view of snaps open. 

Back view of snaps closed.

Fur Mittens

Expedition/Mushers style beaver mittens with a double layer fleece liner, leather palms, harness tabs, and a harness.  These are perfect for the cold weather enthusiast who loves to ski, snow machine, hike, or go dog sledding. This mitten is warm and durable and proven time and again to hold up under heavy use in some of the coldest and most extreme climates.
These mittens come standard with a double layer fleece liner, but sheared beaver can be substituted if desired for an additional fee.
Fleece liners come in an assortment of colors please let me know if you have a strong color preference.

XLarge Beaver Mittens with black leather palms.
Beaver Mittens. 

Medium Long Beaver Mittens.
Medium Long Beaver Mittens. 

Palm Color
Beaver Color

 Substitute Sheared Beaver for the liners.


Mitten Measurements are approximately:

 X large 16” long, 7” wide at the base of the thumb, and 10” wide at the opening.  The XXLarge is 17” long and is ideal for those with long  fingers and is only different from the Xlarge in the palm length .
Large  14.5" long, 7" wide at the base of the thumb, and 9' wide at the opening.
Medium Long 14.5” long, 6” wide at the base of the thumb, and 8.5” wide at the opening.
Medium 11.5" long, 6" wide at the base of the thumb, and 7" wide at the opening.
Small 11.5" long, 5” wide at the base of the thumb, and 6" wide at the opening.
X Small 10” long, 4.5” wide at the base of the thumb, and 5” wide at the opening. This size is great for adolescents.

*Please note that measurements are taken on the outside of the mittens and due to the nature of beaver over mitts always go up a size if in doubt.
Custom sizes can be made upon request. Please contact us for a quote.
Please note that all mittens sizes allow space for additional liner gloves, to help  keep hands warm
in extreme cold and when mittens are removed for tasks that require fingers.

Natural Brown Beaver Mittens
with Wolverine Trim and Gold
Leather Palms.

Beaver Mittens with Wolverine trim and sheep skin liners. These are by far our warmest mittens available. The thick warm  sheep skin combined with the beaver outer shell are a match made in heaven for those who struggle with cold hands. Even in some of the coldest most extreme conditions your hands will be toasty warm in these mittens.
The Wolverine trim comes with some color variation in every pair as all wolverines have multiple colors in their fur. Sheep skin liners come in a variety of colors.

With Wolverine Trim

Palm Color
Beaver Color

Beaver and Sheep Skin only

Palm Color
Beaver Color
Mitten Harness 

My mitten harness is a product of experience. I've developed my current design over the years from my personal experience mushing and snow machining on thousands of miles of trail and by talking to many other people who are also out in the woods using their mittens.

What I have come up with is an easy to use extremely durable system. The main line of the harness attaches to the mittens, and runs up your arms and over your shoulders. There is another strap that runs across your chest, and it's job is to simply keep the main strap from slipping off of your shoulders. I make these straps different colors, so its fast and easy to figure out which straps go where when putting it on. If you've got a team of energetic huskies waiting on you, quick and easy is very important.

I've added an adjustable buckle to the system for clipping your mitts behind your back when not in use. This securely holds them in place and keeps them from coming loose at the most inopportune time. This is a durable buckle that's easy to work even with gloves on.

I've made the harness detachable using a simple slider that stays in place, this also makes the length of the harness semi adjustable.

I placed the connection point of the harness to the inside of the mitten, keeping the straps between your arms, making it less likely they might snag something like a low branch. While this system is well thought out and very safe, there is always some risk when putting ropes over your shoulders. So please be careful and use common sense. If there are a lot of low branches or things that may snag your harness, simply remove it until you are on a more open trail.

Mitten Harness
I place the tabs on the sides of the larger mitts so
that they hang sideways behind your back
and don't fill with snow.
This is especially helpful for dog mushers.  
Attachment system for the harness. 

Closer look at the buckles.
These keep your mittens safely behind
your back when not in use. 
Natural Brown Beaver Mittens with black palms and a
Black and Emerald Green Mitten harness.

Our Mittens sizes Small-XXLarge come with a harness. Additional harnesses can be purchased with your mittens or on their own for $15



All of my products are hand sewn and most are made when ordered; sometimes I have popular or unique items on hand ready to ship. Please contact me to find out the current wait time on an order. Most orders can be completed and shipped within 2 weeks, however during the busy season which typically runs October-March, it can take me up to 4 weeks to complete and ship an order.

Products will not be shipped until paid in full. Shipping within the US is free. I work hard to keep my shipping rates as low as possible for you, I charge an initial standard flat rate of $50 up front to ship to Canada. Once your order has been shipped I will refund you the difference if applicable.

Shipping to Canada $50

Don't see what you are looking for here? That's okay, I do custom orders as well. Please check out my Custom / Contact page.

All prices are subject to current Alaska fur prices and are subject to change at anytime whether stated on the website or not. Prices were last updated on October 6, 2018.