The Brooks Range. The Yukon River. The North Pole. Denali... in winter.
Boundary Fur Sewing's fur products have kept travelers warm in some of the coldest & most inhospitable places in the Northern Hemisphere.
The warmest gear for the coldest times, perfected by dropping mercury and those who brave the Alaskan wilderness.

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Polar explorer Lonnie Dupre with Boundary Fur Sewing's beaver mitts.
Arctic Ocean, Peary Centennial North Pole Expedition 2009

Mushing in the White Mountains National Recreation Area, Alaska.
Amanda's wolverine and wolf ruff on her winter parka.

Alyssa wearing her red fox trappers style hat with a sled dog  named Ringo from Smokin' Ace kennels out side of Eagle, AK.

Lonnie Dupre making a solo assent of Denali in January.

Hailey takes a cruise around the neighbor hood.

Ryne Olson Copper Basin 300 champion out on a training run with her team in the Alaska Range.

Maliko starts the Solstic 50 sled dog race in Two Rivers Ak.

Rabbit fur kids hat and beaver mittens.

Rabbit fur baby hats.

Custom dyed black beaver mittens with red palms. 

Custom dyed black sheared beaver mushers style hat  with a brim.

Wolf, Silver fox and white finn coon ruffs.

Dyed Black Beaver Mittens with blue fox trim
and grey palms.

Sheared Beaver Baby Hats
Assortment of Ruffs 
Blond Beaver Mittens and Hat
Black Fox Head Band
Black Bear and Beaver Ruff

Black Beaver mittens with moose hide palms. 

Dyed Black Beaver Mittens with White fox trim.

Sheared Beaver and Fleece Slippers

Toddler Beaver Mittens
Baby Mukluks with beaver trim

Beaver Mittens

Solid Beaver Hat with an Antler Toggle

Baby Booties