The Brooks Range. The Yukon River. The North Pole. Denali... in winter.
Boundary Fur Sewing's fur products have kept travelers warm in some of the coldest & most inhospitable places in the Northern Hemisphere.
The warmest gear for the coldest times, perfected by dropping mercury and those who brave the Alaskan wilderness.

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Small Buisiness Saturday Sale

We've decided to celebrate small buisiness Saturday by sharing some great deals with you our wonderful customers.  As a small buisiness each and every one of our customers is appreciated and very important to us. Thank you for supporting us and other small buisiness this holiday season.

This sale will run as long as supplies last and will work on a first come first serve basis. You can order either by calling or texting me at 907-388-5323 or by email at
There is only one of most items available at this price. Items and their sale prices are listed below. Unfortunately at this time due to restricted internet access on my Alaskan mountain top I am unable to post pictures with the descriptions.  For pictures of specific items please contact me or visit our products page on this website. You can also see pictures on our Bounday Fur Sewing Facebook page.

In addition to these great prices we are offering free shipping within the US on all orders valued at $150 or more placed in the month of November.

~ Otter musher style hat with a black leather shell and fleece liner. Only one Available. Sized to fit most adults.
Regular price $250
Sale price $170  SOLD

~ Solid beaver mushers style hat with a fleece liner. Only one available. Sized to fit most adults.
Regular price $275
Sale price $150  SOLD

~ Gray Wolf and Wolverine ruff. 26 inches long, has a black backing.  Only one available. 
Regular price $350
Sale price $225 SOLD

~ Shaded blue fox and beaver ruff. 30 inches long, has a black backing. Only one available. 
Regular price $225
Sale price $170 SOLD

~ Gray Rabbit children's hat with a blue butterfly shell and fleece liner. Will fit most toddlers  and children between the ages of 2-6 years old. 
Regular price $60
Sale price $40

~ Red Rex Rabbit baby hat with a dark blue sudtle floral patter shell and a fleece liner. Will fit most babies between the age of 6 months - 2 years old. One available.
Regular price $50
Sale price $35  SOLD

~ Rabbit baby booties with fleece liners, leather soles, and ties to help keep them in place. Will fit most babies 6-18 months old. Two available. One is natural red rabbit. The other is white with gray and tan spots. 
Regular price $50each
Sale price $35each

~ Toddler natural black beaver mittens with leather palms and fleece liners. Will fit most babies 12-36 months in age. One pair available. 
Regular price $50
Sale price $35 SOLD

~ Wolverine tail key chains. Four available.
Regular price $15-20each
Sale price $10each

Monday, August 29, 2016

Fall Sale

For a limited time we are having a sale on select beaver Hats and Mittens.

Mittens will be on sale until the end of August but our hat sale will run until the end of September. 

 Large Expedition beaver mittens will be $200 this is a $75 savings!

Medium Expedition Mittens will be $175 this is a savings of $50

Beaver Hats with leather shells are $150 that is a savings of $75 from our normal price.